A collection of interaction design concepts and prototypes.
Various Clients

↑ Interaction design exploration for OKKO TV App (W12)

↑ Biography profile idea for Kastr app

↑ Page transition ideas for AllofUs website

↑ Inline picker in the Den App

↑ Lock appliance interaction in the Den App

Rapid Prototyping

Expressing and testing our ideas while we design is crucial, not only to validate designs but to understand our own intentions when we created a concept. A static design is only a concept until we test their actual behaviour.

Today’s patterns are becoming more and more standardised but we shouldn’t stop experimenting and push our limits to see what is possible. There are amazing tools today that even tap into hardware features and we can create bespoke and smooth prototypes very rapidly.

↑ Verctial content browsing for OKKO TV App (W12)

↑ Create Account flow for Den App

↑ Interstitial state idea for Serpentine Digital Wayfinding (AllofUs)

↑ Fabric showcase interaction for Esprit (HUGE)

↑ Page transition ideas for AllofUs website

↑ App walkthrough for Esprit (HUGE)

↑ Product transition for Esprit (HUGE)

↑ Grid to Movie screen transition idea for OKKO TV App (W12)

↑ “The Pixel” Layer reveal branded interaction idea for Foundry.com (AllofUs)