Tyl by Natwest

From naming to final corporate guidelines we’ve done an entire brand and design system for NatWest’s new proposition.
●Art Direction, Branding, Product Design
NatWest, RBS, Pollinate


NatWest and Pollinate came up with a proposition together that helps SMEs to take payments. We helped to create  a brand that communicates to the potential merchants. We designed a new logo and defined an entire brand for Tyl.

In parallel with defining a new brand, we started to work on the entire proposition and Tyl's suite of products. From onboarding merchants to the logged in portal, as well as establishing a complete UI Design System.

Brand & Logomark

The challenge with the brand was that NatWest wanted us to build upon their guidelines while Tyl being a distinct brand on its own.

The logomark was inspired by a hand-drawn sketch. It is a fluid stroke that resembles a seamless transaction or process.

We then developed a comprehensive brand guidelines for Tyl. The guidelines were developed to work in conjunction with the main NatWest brand guidelines.

The role of CGI

While developing the main 3D scenes for the website we came up with a set of abstract objects that became the one of the brand’s personality.

These were used at the high brand presence areas like Communication, Login Screens, POS devices, and many more.

The abstract pieces have also been an integrated part of the realistic scenes. This has provided a clear link between all types of our imagery.

We then developed a comprehensive guidelines system for Tyl. The guidelines were supported by the main NatWest brand.

Functional UI & Design system

As an integrated design team we delivered Tyl a web-based service that serves thousands of SMEs on a daily basis.

Onboarding, Merchant Portal and Digital Maintenance through Billing we’ve managed to deliver a service that helps to manage a business, take payments  in-store and online and resolve any issues that would occur.

Developing the system

Over several months our team managed to create a design system alongside delivering new features from the bank with no dedicated team to the system itself.

We’ve produced a vast number of components that are documented and maintained digitally in Storybook with Tyl’s development partner.


3D, Art Direction, Digital Branding, UI/UX


Christer Papanicolau
Senior designers
Gosia Zalot, Ben Richardson, Beuno David
Kevin Johnston
Ned Bertram, Pontus Persson, Igor Dutra
Julien Pietri (ThirdHand)