Serpentine Galleries

Digital exhibition experience platform and passive digital wayfinding system for one of London’s top contemporary galleries.
Serpentine Galleries, Bloomberg Philantrophies

Digital exhibition experience

We came up with a web-based mobile framework for Serpentine Galleries that enables them to publish curated digital content for each exhibition.

The visual system is inspired by the “Aperture” — a dynamic and flexible space inside the logo, that can be re-purposed. Working with Pentagram’s guidelines we took the visual language and translated it to digital and made it interactive.

The platform features additional perspectives of the exhibitions in text, image, audio and video format to deliver a richer and smarter experience. The UX concept was to use bite sized content in the form of cards.

Digital wayfinding

We designed and engineered a two-display setup in the lobby of the Serpentine that is a non-interactive display with dynamic content they can change on the fly to serve rich media content for all the visitors.

The final installation is a budget friendly solution to help raise the awareness of the multiple galleries in Hyde Park London and to promote the new webapp that we’ve designed for them.

The map highlights which gallery it shows the relevant content, as well as helps to show users that the Sackler gallrey is just a 5 minute walk away if they’re interested in what’s on in the second building.


Lead Designer
Art Direction, Digital Branding, UI/UX, Interaction Design.


Creative Director
Ricardo Amorim
Daniel Felstad, Blaise Galinier
App Development
Jamie Owen
DisplayS Development
Lily Madar